Connecting your strategy with impactful, locally visible ESG.

We help you improve the impact of your social value through grounded, strategic cross-sector insights into your business’ ESG.

Why Choose Connect Local?

Utilising over two decades of experience within our cross-sector network, Connect Reading, we co-design strategic and impactful social value delivery within  your business.

Services we provide

We offer a portfolio of services, all of which are grounded in two decades of practical and strategic experience from our Connect Reading founding network.

Social Value Internal Audit

Our friendly team deliver an audit that helps scope the social value impact of your business. It’s the first step in moving your business forward, identifying how you have a positive impact on the economy, environment and community.

Social Value Internal Audit

Drawing on 20 years of cross-sector expertise within Connect Reading, mapping your social value activities is the first step to move your business forward to positively impact the economy, environment and community.

Scoping Your Business’ Social Value

Our personable approach delivers an audit that scopes the social value impact of your business.

Utilising quantitative and qualitative data from within your business, the audit document increases accessibility of socail value activity data. We can also incorporate optional feedback from recipient or beneficiary nonprofits and projects your business has supported.

Social Value Training

What is social value and how can your business ensure you’re delivering genuine social impact? Our Social Value training sessions and workshops are interactive, practical and are designed according to your business’ focus.

Social Value Training & Workshops

Our training sessions and workshops can help to embed social value into the planning, practice and service delivery of your organisation – whether you’re private or public sector.

Social Value Training & Interactive Workshops

Training sessions (either 1-2 hours or half day) help key staff understand social value, and how it fits in your business activities.

Our longer workshops are created bespoke for your business focus, helping teams understand how social value can be embedded, moving it from a concept or phrase into culture and understanding.

Volunteer Strategy

Our team worked on Reading’s Vision for Volunteering, grounding our commitment to developing strategies that transform Corporate Volunteering practice. We help your business volunteering policies evolve to help generate greater social impact.

Corporate Volunteering Strategy

From an hour a week, or 2 hours a month, to a few days a year … the way you empower your employees to engage in volunteering can positively impact them as well as the community and environment around them!

Embedding Impactful Volunteering Strategy

Our research for Reading’s Vision for Volunteering demonstrated how engagement in ‘corporate volunteering’ has dipped since 2020. Charities are also increasingly stretched, often being asked to upload current volunteering opportunities on multiple businesses’ internal platforms. Is there a better way?

Yes! We work with businesses to establish better internal HR practices, and policies. This can include allowing staff to breakdown volunteering hours across the year. We can share best practice examples (like innovative SME Phantom Brewing Co who released staff to volunteer 1 hour p/w online and incentivised the programme through annual leave accrual) or work on bespoke projects to match your business’ ESG goals… Get in touch to start maximising your business’ social impact and staff engagement.

ISO 14001 Training

Sustainability is vital for the planet. It’s a key deliverable for businesses. ISO14001 is a globally recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems. Our training helps identify, manage and enhance environmental performance.

ISO 14001 Training

Internationally recognised ISO standards are a great way to ensure your business stands out from the rest. Our ISO 14001 training will help you identify, manage and enhance your business’ environmental performance.

Equipping Your Business on its ISO 14001 Journey 

After a scoping discussion to best understand your business, your sector and your current grasp of the ISO 14001 standard, we then move to create a bespoke full-day training session.

Our training will ensure key staff grow their understanding of where to focus attention before an ISO 14001 audit. We help teams understand the importance of recording and tracking your sustainability. Get in touch for more information.

Bespoke Support

We support businesses and public sector services with tenders and strategies. Developing Social Value Policies and practices, we can help you boost the impact your organisation has on the community, economy and environment.

Bespoke Support

We can support you to develop your Social Value Policy, or support specific projects that embed and develop Social Value in your contracts.

Bespoke Social Value Support

Ranging from embedding local suppliers into supply chains to creating cross-sector partnerships, our social value and cross-sector expertise is grounded in two decades of Connect Reading’s work. This persepctive helps us enable clients to maximise their positive impact on local communities, the economy and the environment.

ESG Scoping Project

We invest time with you to understand your ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) aims. We can support with research about where you operate so our support can maximise the positive impact of your work.

ESG Internal Scoping Project

Meeting with key individuals in your business, we help you get to grips with your ESG activities, scoping and mapping them out for use in tenders.

ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Internal Scoping Project

Utilising our knowledge of multiple social value frameworks* plus two decades of experience within Connect Reading, we help map out your business’ existing activities. Our bespoke framework enables you to collect all your ESG activities in one place, empowering your tenders and procurement processes.

We offer follow-up sessions to identify simple ways to scale-up the impact of existing activities, plus options to connect with new initiatives to maximise social impact.

*we work with the TOMs and SVROI frameworks, also using UN SDG indicators.

Meet our
Associate Consultants.

Using their years of experience from across multiple sectors, they bring a balanced and wider-scoped view to our offering.


Cross-sector work and partnership development has given Lorraine her passion for impact and innovative strategy, working to boost social value and practice within clients’ businesses. She is also CEO of Connect Reading.


With over fifteen years’ marketing leadership experience, Paul specialises in data-driven innovation and experimentation projects. He now combines this experience with a passion for sustainability to help businesses improve their environmental performance.

Connect Collective

Our collective of experts hail from within the Connect Reading cross-sector network, with specialists in a range of areas; from private sector business, to charities, CICs and social enterprises plus many with public sector experience.

We have built the third sector into our supply chain by using Connect Reading as our admin support.

Does your company operate in the Thames Valley or Greater Reading area? Why not join our cross-sector network and make social value easier and more connected? Visit Connect Reading

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